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REIKI HEALING with Dawn Penny

REIKI HEALING with Dawn Penny

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 Discover the Magic of Reiki with Dawn!

Are you ready to unlock the incredible power of your inner healer? Join Dawn, an experienced Reiki Master, for a special Reiki workshop, your gateway to the world of ancient Japanese wellness practices! 

What is Reiki Healing?
Dawn, as an experienced Reiki Master, specializes in this time-honored energy healing modality that has stood the test of centuries. She harnesses the gentle and soothing vibrations channeled through her hands to release emotional blocks and provide deep relaxation.

What Can Reiki Do for You?
With Dawn's guidance, you can tap into the universal life force energy, empowering yourself to strengthen your immune system, lower stress levels, and find relief from physical and emotional pain. 

Join Dawn for this short and uplifting experience to get to know her and the world of Reiki. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation under her expert guidance. 

December 2, 2 PM - 6 PM

@The Center, Noordhoek, SA

Your Host: Dawn Penny

Dawn Penny is a Reiki Master and Life Alignment Coach. She assists people who are feeling stuck and uninspired with life, to work through the barriers that is keeping them from their true self. The true self is the place of real belonging. Dawn is tender, wise and also straight to the point, understanding that building a relationship of trust is paramount when doing the deep inner work. Dawn has been on her own journey of self discovery for the past 25 years where the main theme of her own healing is about dismantling the cords of codependency. She has clients from around the world who seek her out for her particular style of healing which is an all round mix of intuition, Reiki, hypnotherapy and body work. Dawn Penny is also the founder of GoGreen Naturally. An organisation which empowers women to open up their home based businesses by suppling them with biodegradable cleaning products as a way of cleaning up, taking care of their families and the natural world.

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