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Egyptian Sekhem Triada Level 1 - Explore the Wisdom of the Ages and Present Times

Egyptian Sekhem Triada Level 1 - Explore the Wisdom of the Ages and Present Times

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Unlock the ancient wisdom of Egypt, where the past meets the present in a profound journey of self-discovery.

Welcome to Level 1 of the 3 Level Egyptian Sekhem Triada course, an 8 week transformative experience that will connect you with the multidimensional and inter-galactic vibration of Evolved Egyptian Energy rooted in deep wisdom and profound magic.

Manifest Your Desires and Intentions

As you progress through the Egyptian Sekhem Triada Course, you will be equipped with powerful Manifesting Tools. These tools will empower you to manifest your desires and intentions, tapping into the limitless potential that lies within you. Experience the art of creation and witness your dreams come to life.

Experience the ‘All Love’ Vibration of Egyptian Sekhem

Furthermore, the Egyptian Sekhem Triada Course offers an integration of the ‘All Love’ vibration of Egyptian Sekhem. This vibration transcends time and space, allowing you to connect with the deepest parts of your being, facilitating Healing, Love, and Unity. Embrace the all-encompassing Love that flows through the veins of ancient Egypt.


What’s Included

In this extraordinary course, an 8 week transformative experience, we invite you to explore the Egyptian Sekhem Principles, a sacred knowledge that has evolved over the past few years, carrying the essence of the past while embracing the ever-unfolding future. Prepare to dive into the energy centers and uncover the hidden wisdom you hold within.

3 Intuitive Transmissions - Initiations specifically channelled for this Level 1 journey of the Egyptian Sekhem Triada.

Experience an opening and expansion of creative impulses and deeper awakening of your True Creator Self directed by these intuitive transmissions.

Discover the power of Hand Positions (Mudra) that are intricately connected to the rich tapestry of Egyptian Sekhem. These ancient gestures hold the key to unlocking and harnessing the profound energy that resides within you.

As part of this remarkable journey, you will be introduced to new symbols recently downloaded and activated for this journey. These symbols carry the vibration of profound transformation and hold within them the ability and power to transmute specific limiting patterns of behavior. Embrace their magic and witness the positive changes they bring into Your Life.

Your Host: Gillian Higginson

Gillian is an internationally recognised Intuitive Healer, Life-Joy Coach and Teacher in the fields of Self Development and Personal Growth, and is a Reiki and Egyptian Sekhem Trainer to Teacher Level.

Gillian specializes in the art of transformation, healing and personal empowerment through the use of Life-Joy Coaching and Intuitive Energy Healing using a variety of modalities to build a unique formula for each client.

Using numerous techniques and tools honed from a multitude of modalities that she has studied and perfected during the course of her 23 year journey in the field (including a Diploma in Life and Business Coaching, Reiki, Egyptian Sekhem,  BodyTalk, Breakthrough, Mindscape, Theta Healing, Shamanic teachings, Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and various Shamanic Teachings with a predominantly Polynesian influence), Gillian focuses on facilitating heightened awareness, growth, focus, clarity and purpose for you.

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