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ESSENCE - Conscious Breathwork & Intuitive Embodied Movement

ESSENCE - Conscious Breathwork & Intuitive Embodied Movement

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Join us for a journey of reconnection to Self on Saturday 26 August at the amazing Sacred Valley House in House Bay, guided by Olivia Moon and Karen Justine. Be guided back to your true ESSENCE through a weaving of silent disco-style embodied intuitive movement, into a Conscious Breathwork Journey, followed by a visualisation practice to connect with your Highest Self, amplified with the power of natural scent and essential oils.

This potent curation is designed to help you shed the layers of disconnection in order to reconnect you to the essence that is you. When we access this place within can we feel the deep fulFULLment that comes from living a soul-centric, heart-led life. Join Essence and allow us to guide your path to self-discovery and inner healing.

A grounding Chai Tea will be served afterwards, with the opportunity to stay longer, connect with others and enjoy the space.

Please bring a journal and pen, something comfortable to lie down on (thin mattress or yoga mat with a thick blanket on top), clothes you can move freely in, a warm blanket to cover yourself with, a pillow and an eye mask if you have one. Please don't eat at least 1.5 hours before.

Date: Saturday, August 26
Time: 09:00 am - 12:00 pm
Location: Sacred Valley House, Hout Bay, ZA
Ticket. 440 ZAR

Karen Justine is a renowned Dance Journey Facilitator. Weaving various healing modalities and wellness practices to personally curated playlists, Karen facilitates experiential journeys of transmutation, believing that the medicine we seek comes from within.

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