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LAULIMA WOMEN'S CIRCLE with Christina W & Dannie Q

LAULIMA WOMEN'S CIRCLE with Christina W & Dannie Q

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LAULIMA Women’s Circle

Do you want to feel empowered?
Do you seek for fulfillment and meaning?
Do you long for connection and belonging?
Gift yourself an afternoon full of inspiration and love amongst magnificent women like you!


This time we have our lovely Margarita sharing with us her story and her passion for Astrology. 


Host: Christina Wechsel & Dannie Quilitzsch

Location: The Center, Noordhoek

Date: Nov 21

Hours: 6:00 - 8:30 PM

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Christina Wechsel is a naturopath & BodyTalk practitioner. Christina is a passionate naturopath and Bodytalk practicioner. She lives between Munich in Germany and Capetown in South Africa.During the German summer she offers consultation in her practice in Munich face to face. During the whole year you can book her sessions also online.

Dannie Quilitzsch is a psychologist, therapist and medium working internationally as a Consultant & Coach for Global Change and Evolutionary Leadership. For over 20 years Dannie has consulted and coached corporations, social organisations and startups guiding their leaders and teams to step into their full potential by aligning with their purpose and expanding their impact from within. Her expertise is in strategy, business models and organisational development, leadership and culture.
Being a psychologist and therapist Dannie was always interested what drives people and connects us from within. Her own spiritual journey led her to work with native people leaders from all over the world and embark on a journey to become a medium trained at Arthur Findlay College, the world’s foremost institute for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences.
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