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ASTROLOGY READING with Margarita Celeste

ASTROLOGY READING with Margarita Celeste

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Step into the realm of self-discovery with Margarita's unique astrological and tarot offerings. Trained in Traditional Medieval Astrology, she unveils the intricacies of your personality, shadows, and gifts in sessions reminiscent of a profound therapy experience.

Whether delving into natal charts, predictive astrology, or relationship insights, Margarita's expertise guides you toward clarity and understanding.

Explore the archetypal meanings behind planets and navigate the map of your psyche. Embrace the transformative power of astrology and tarot as tools for self-reflection and empowerment on your journey to personal growth. Elevate your awareness and uncover the cosmic wisdom within. 

Margarita's sessions are booked out a few weeks in advance. After you made your booking you will receive an invite from Margarita to book your session with her. 

About Margarita

Margarita's journey into the captivating realm of astrology commenced in her early years, marked by an uncanny ability to discern people's star signs, often preceding their names. Linda Goodman's influential writings served as her initial foray into this mystical domain, sparking a profound connection that prompted Margarita to delve deeper.

In her twenties, she embarked on a Vedic Astrology study under her uncle's guidance, later pursuing a rigorous 3-year Diploma Course at Rod Suskin's School of Astrology. Graduating with distinction and fueled by a scholarship, she ventured abroad after her Saturn Return at 29, dedicating herself to expanding her astrological career.

Upon returning to Cape Town, Margarita, having honed her skills through workshops and consultations in the East, introduced her own 12-week astrology foundations course. An adept practitioner of both astrology and tarot, she found the latter to be a complement, allowing her intuition to flourish.

Margarita's exploration of diverse astrological facets, from natal to predictive, eventually led her to resonate most profoundly with psychological astrology. Although not a psychologist, she adeptly reveals clients' complexities, shadows, and gifts, earning accolades for her sessions resembling "really good therapy."

Her approach is deeply influenced by studies of Jung, particularly transformative courses in Yoga & Psychotherapy and the "12 Steps to Individuation." These experiences equipped her with a comprehensive "Map of the Psyche," translating psychological concepts into astrological terms and unveiling archetypal meanings behind the planets.

Margarita seamlessly intertwines Jungian theories with astrological symbols, linking the Persona with the Rising Sign, the Shadow with Pluto, and the Anima and Animus with Venus and Mars. With an ever-growing interest in relationship astrology, she passionately engages in texts on astrological compatibility and consults with couples seeking to enhance their connections, embodying a profound commitment to this specific facet of her astrological practice.

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