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BodyTalk Online Session with Christina Wechsel

BodyTalk Online Session with Christina Wechsel

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The BodyTalk system is a holistic method that helps to balance body, mind and spirit, thus improving health and overall well-being. BodyTalk is a very effective and simple form of therapy. It can help us learn what may really be at the root of our physical or emotional symptoms.

Based on the BodyTalk protocol, gentle muscle biofeedback of the hand is used to find out which body systems may be in communication. By touching individual parts of the body and gently tapping on the head, heart and belly, the consciousness level, the energy level and the body level are brought into balance step by step, so that life energy can flow freely and the body’s self-healing can unfold its full potential.

The body carries all information within itself and knows its issues. The goal of a BodyTalk Balance is to establish optimal communication between the organs, glands and body parts in order to bring physical, mental and emotional health into harmony.

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