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Individual Soul & Purpose Guiding with Rachael Millson

Individual Soul & Purpose Guiding with Rachael Millson

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'There is only one life you can call your own and a thousand others you can call by any name you want.' - David Whyte

Individual Soul and Purpose Guiding.  Perhaps you already have a vision for how you want your life to be, or what you want to offer in these current transformational times and need support to embody more and more of your soul's purpose. Perhaps you long to discover the truth at the core of your being. Individual coaching sessions will meet you exactly where you are on your journey towards the full expression of your soul nature.

Rachael is a Purpose Guide™, Soul Coach, wilderness guide, facilitator, and sharer of heart and earth songs. Her focus is soul-level awakening, and full nature communion. Through 1:1 and group work, she supports individuals to see the truth of their sacred, ecological beings, unburden themselves from conditioned, distorted ways of being, and tune into the guidance of Soul. In this way each and every one of us can awaken and live our True Nature, Rachael is passionate about the potential of moving from our current paradigm of separation and fear, towards an emerging paradigm or unity, wholeness, and harmony with Greater Nature. A more beautiful and loving human and more-than-human existence awaits us. One that works for all living beings, now and in the future. One where we live in true reverence and communion with Mother Earth - in truth, joy, connection, freedom and love.

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