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evolve - 6 Month Mentorship with Dannie Quilitzsch

evolve - 6 Month Mentorship with Dannie Quilitzsch

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Expand from within and enhance your Impact.
You feel ready to make the next step. You want to continue your professional development and shift into a new level of mastery. 

  • You want to create your own business, course, program?
  • You feel stuck on your journey and want to re-align with your purpose to move forward?
  • You desire to step up your game and make your offerings accessible to more people?

Unlock your True Potential.
Cultivate self-awareness, embrace your strengths and develop new skills and habits to unleash your full potential. Find what is holding you back and transform this into your golden nuggets to inspire others. 

  • You want to receive guidance and feel safe to reflect on your own journey and how to move beyond?
  • You want to learn new skills and tools how to unlock your power and feel free to create whatever you dream of?

Individual Guidance.
With regular assessment with Dannie as your personal mentor you will be supported to thrive and held accountable to reach your next professional goal.

  • You want to find guidance from an expert?
  • You want to receive support to hold your goals up for you and show you how you can achieve them?

What you receive: 

Weekly 1:1 Session with Dannie Quilitzsch

Personal WhatsApp support during the week.

Homework and guidance to work on your own goals. 

Access to held - Monthly Supervision for Professionals (every last Monday)


Investment in youself: 

5900 Euro / 59.000 ZAR

For a monthly payment plan please reach out to dannie -


About Dannie Quilitzsch: 

" My purpose is to hold space, inspire and empower leaders and changemakers 
to unfold their full potential 
by expressing their true authentic self 
aligned to a higher cause. "

For over 20 years Dannie has been consulting and coaching corporations, social organisations and startups guiding leaders and teams to co-create and bring their purpose into manifestation. As a serial entrepreneur she co-founded more than 10 companies and organisations herself over the last two decades. 

The projects and organisation she co-founded created immense impact, from bringing access to clean water to millions of people to restoring forests in Paname, educating young people in over 70 countries to creating and implementing psycho-social programs for children and their families being affected by armed conflict. 

"What I learned on my journey - as long as we do not heal ourselves the world will not change. Whether we can move into an equitable and peaceful world will depend on how we are healing what we carry before we move forward. This can be a life-long process and every individual step on the pathway counts to expand your consciousness and elevate your vibration towards a more joyful and beautiful collective future."

Over the last 25 years she was trained in psychology, therapy methods, holistic health, energetic healing and spiritual mediumship. Love and achieving excellence are her drivers. Dannie therefor is holding several diplomas and certificates.

Today she is focusing my work on supporting individuals and groups to shift into mastery. Often this starts with exploring what is holding them back on the path to transformation. What follows is a committed plan to taking action and embodying the transformation you want to create in your life. 

As the founder of LAULIMA Dannie is envisioning to bring access to healing and evolution to everyone in the world. By empowering practitioners to enhance their offerings and creating access for seekers to find the right offerings for them to start their pathway to heal and evolve.

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