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OSTEOTHAI with Kathrin Pachinger 1:1 Session

OSTEOTHAI with Kathrin Pachinger 1:1 Session

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Arrive home within yourself. Receive a helping hand and a safe space to connect with yourself, listen and start to heal.

Osteothai is an innovative bodywork therapy that combines elements of Thai massage and Osteopathy, aiming to enhance mobility and alleviate musculoskeletal issues. Practitioners use a holistic approach to restore balance and relieve tension in the body, while also addressing the energetic and spiritual aspects of the individual, promoting overall well-being and harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

Kathrin's focus is on combining the ancient techniques of traditional Thai Yoga Massage with Osteopathic Principles. Osteothai is a gentle and very effective way to improve flexibility, range of motion and circulation, as well as to relieve pain, blocked emotions and stress stored within our systems. This combination of movement and stillness using the dynamic approach of Thai Yoga Massage and the sublte, gentle techniques of Cranio Sacral Biodynamics, allows your body to tune into it´s own very individual rythmn, resonance again. It´s a process of giving your system it´s power back to heal yourself. Because you know it way better than anyone else.


Muscle releaseIncrease flexibility & joint movement
Lympathic alignment
Internal organs stimulation
Tension and stress relief
Balance of energy flow
Strengtheining of immune system
Balanced body energy & awareness
Emotional releaseVery good for long term injuries...

Book your appointment - from May-October in Eisenstadt, Austria
October - April around Cape Town, South Africa.


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