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SHIFT INTO MASTERY - create the life you desire.

SHIFT INTO MASTERY - create the life you desire.

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SHIFT INTO MASTERY - create the life you desire. 

More Passion.

More Freedom. 

More Abundance.

More Joy. 

More Love. 

More Peace. 

All of us are longing for more of the above. 

What is holding us back are beliefs, thinking patterns and our choices to stay in the comfort zone - which sometimes even means suffering - instead of letting go of what is not serving you anymore.  

You got the power!

To create the life you dream of. 

To step onto a path that is already waiting for you. 

Be brave. Gather yourself and make new choices. 

Are you ready to make the next step in your life? 

A truly holistic approach - how does it work? 

To start with I will support you to set a clear intention where you want to be in one year. So that you can focus and commit to taking action towards this goal and it’s specific outcomes. We will identify miles stones and agree on an action plan. 

Then we look at your status quo and what is holding you back from actually living your dream. For this process we will make use of the methodology “The Spiral” in which we will clear 22 general emotions on the seven energetic levels in all of your five bodies - physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally and spiritually. 

To identify the installments in your subconscious we will use the muscle test from Kinesiology and will then release them with the help of acupuncture pressure points known from Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Between the clearing sessions we will continue to check in to see where you are at with your journey and how it is going with your action plan. 

The program entails 10 private bi-weekly sessions with Dannie approximated 60-90min

  1. Identify your one year Masterplan. Set your Intention for our Journey. 
  2. Level One: Deserving; Releasing SHAME and increasing SELF-WORTH.
  3. Level Two: Creativity; Releasing FEAR and increasing PROACTIVITY.
  4. Level Three: Power; Releasing ANGER and increasing SELF CONFIDENCE.
  5. Level Four: Openness; Releasing WOUNDS OF THE HEART and increasing LOVE.
  6. Level Five: Expression; Releasing LOW SELF-ESTEEM and increasing EXPRESSION.
  7. Level Six: Vision; Releasing OLD VIEWS and increasing CLARITY.
  8. Level Seven: Purpose; Aligning to your HIGHER PURPOSE and DIVINITY.
  9. Manifestation Session. 
  10. Check In after 4 weeks.

The program also includes homeplay - exercises to do on yourself including journaling and self-reflection between the session. 

This is my signature program and to ensure to achieve the best possible outcomes for my clients, I am only taking two clients on each month. 

Next open spots January 2024. Book your free Discovery Call now.


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