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THE SPIRAL - transform your life into the life you desire.

THE SPIRAL - transform your life into the life you desire.

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🌀 Embark on a Transformative 10-Session Journey with The Spiral! 🌀

Are you ready to release what's holding you back and step into your full potential? Discover The Spiral, a meticulously designed 10-session process for profound personal and professional transformation.

🌀 What is The Spiral? 

The Spiral is an innovative creation by Dane Tomas, first introduced in 2012. This transformative process uniquely synthesizes several powerful methodologies into a cohesive system for emotional and energetic healing. It combines the insights of Spiral Dynamics, the Ayurvedic Chakra System, and NeuroSemantics-Linguistic Programming with the precision of Muscle Testing, the depth of Time Line Therapy, and the healing touch of Acupuncture Pressure Points.

Through Muscle Testing, The Spiral accesses information from the unconscious mind to identify emotional blockages. Time Line Therapy is employed to effectively address these emotional issues through the timeline of an individual’s life experience. This is complemented by Acupuncture Pressure Points, which are stimulated to release these blockages, allowing energy to flow freely through the body’s meridians. Together, these techniques ensure a systematic mental-emotional upgrade that facilitates profound healing and evolution.

🌀 Who Should Explore The Spiral? 

The Spiral is perfect for anyone eager to transform their life. It's particularly beneficial for:

  • Professionals aiming for peak performance
  • Individuals seeking deeper self-understanding and emotional release
  • Anyone ready to overcome past limitations and embrace a powerful future

🌀 The Journey Through The Spiral

  1. Intention Setting: Begin by identifying your goals and desired outcomes for engaging with The Spiral.
  2. Manifestation Clear: Conduct a clear to optimize conditions for the best possible results.
  3. Seven Energy Level Sessions: Progress through seven stages, each targeting specific emotions and energy centers in your body to facilitate deep emotional and energetic clearing.
  4. Integration Session: Conclude with a session dedicated to integrating the profound shifts experienced, ensuring sustainable change.

🌀 How Does It Work? 

The Spiral helps clear emotional blockages through targeted clearing techniques, tapping into chakras to release accumulated emotional baggage. This journey not only uncovers unconscious limitations but also amplifies your inherent strengths, enabling a vibrant and aligned life.

🌟 Ready to clear the past and accelerate your evolution? Dive into The Spiral and transform your life from the inside out. Stay tuned as we explore each level in more depth and unveil how you can start this life-changing journey!


Individual Journey through The Spiral: 3333 Euro

Exclusive Offer, only 2 spot every 3 months. 

10 Sessions á 90 min plus Handout 

Please note I am also running group processes two times a year. 

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