„Our personal growth proceeds in stages along the evolution of our human consciousness.We ourselves have the choice – over and over again – how to integrate what we’ve learned and realign with our soul to evolve into the mastery of our evolutionary destiny.“

DANNIE QUILITZSCH - Psychologist, Therapist, Medium

For over 20 years I have been consulting and coaching corporations, social organisations and startups guiding leaders and teams to co-create and bring their purpose into manifestation. As a serial entrepreneur I co-founded more than 10 companies and organisations myself.

What I learned on my journey - as long as we do not heal ourselves the world will not change. Whether we can move into an equitable and peaceful world will depend on how we are healing what we carry before we move forward. This can be a life-long process and every invidual step on the pathway counts to expand your consiousness and elevate your vibration towars a more joyful and beautiful collective future.

My last 25 years I dedicated to train myself in psychology, therapy methods, holistic health, energetic healing and spiritual mediumship. Love and excellence are my drivers. I am holding several diplomas and certificates.

Today I am focusing my work on supporting individuals and groups to explore what is holding them back on the path to transformation. I am supporting healing processes for the body, soul and mind. Whether you want to understand with your mind, you need to seek in your subconsciousness or you trust the healing that comes from the spirit world, my diverse offerings include a holistic approach.

As the founder of LAULIMA I am envisioning to bring healing to everyone in the world. By empowering practitioners to enhance their offerings and creating access for seekers to find the right offerings for them to start their pathway to heal and evolve.

My purpose is to hold space, inspire 
and empower leaders and changemakers 
to unfold their full potential 
by expressing their true authentic self 
aligned to a higher cause.

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